About Us

Want to think big? We do, too.

Big is where we got our start, with some of Silicon Valley's finest companies—where great ideas are born. The great ideas inspired and yet, we decided to move from the corporate world to the small business world, bringing the skills we gained and scaling them for the smaller, individually owned businesses like yours.

We're people driven. 

Our focus is on individuals and small companies, local nonprofits . We are people driven—we consult, we educate, we build, and we connect. Websites, in their simplest form, are about connecting people to people, and people to companies. And we love facilitating that process.

Why we can help you grow your business online. 

Our most important asset is our clients, and we go to great lengths to make the process and the products...simply beautiful.

STG Creative Group is a full-service web design and development agency located in Santa Cruz, California. We pride ourselves on helping clients grow their businesses online. Fifteen years of business taught us to keep up with innovation, the latest technologies, and industry best practices.