Web Design

A Web site should be designed to integrate with and support your business goals while providing your customers with the information they are looking for when they visit your site.

Our Web Design projects include 5 development phases:

  • Business Survey — We want to know about your business and your customers.
  • Information Design — You may already have artwork, photography or other visuals, text that can be edited for the site, white papers and other material that can be repurposed. We'll help you identify areas where new content needs to be developed and features to consider integrating into the site. The outcome of this phase is to have information, interactivity and navigation for the site finalized.
  • Website Design — A visual design that is targeted for your unique business, to enhance your brand and leverage the Web's versatility and interactive possibilities that have been identified in the previous phases.
  • Coding — This is the technical side of the things where you may hear discussions about CSS, LAMP, Javascript, databases, HTML, PHP, mySQL, JPG, PNG. JQuery, browser compatibility and other technical terms as the site is coded.
  • Delivery — When the site is completed, we make be sure you understand the way your site works and provide any training you need in order to manage it.