Web Site Redesign

Your Web site works best when it meets the expectations of today's Web users. Our knowledge about the Web—from social networks to the expanded use of mobile devices and how these  technologies have changed Web site design–will influence your redesign.

Since not all redesigns are the same, we do upfront work with you to be sure the scope of the redesign meets your expectations and your budget.

A Web Site Redesign project includes 5 phases:

  • Business Review – We'll discuss with you how the current site supports or doesn't support your current business and your customers, and  specific changes that you have in mind, including the look and feel, how the site maintained, and features such as e-commerce or adding social media.
  • Content Evaluation – Your site's content (documents, images, site structure, interactivity) will be audited. There may be material that is still useful and some that is outdated.  Our tech team will look "under the hood" to evaluate existing code and technologies and make recommendations for bringing the site up to current best practices.
  • Website Design – Based on the first two phases, we'll provide new visual ideas and elements to meet the needs we've identified with you.
  • Coding –  With layouts and content, the back room starts to hum as the programmers write code and install themes and features.
  • Delivery – We'll be sure you understand the way your redesign site works and train you on how to it will be maintained.

Let us know how you we can help you with your redesign project by contacting us for a complimentary 30 minute consultation or give us a call at (831) 420-1208.